Want all the “need to know” info on how to make sourdough bread in one easy to read format? This easy to read, easy to implement e-book has been written just for you! It’s an instant download, so you can get started TODAY!

sourdough made easy e-book - everything you need to know to get you baking delicious sourdough in your own home!
Everything you need to know to get
you baking delicious sourdough
in your own home!

What’s Included in Sourdough Made Easy?

This easy to read book has all the info you need in one place! You’ll find:

  • What makes sourdough bread so good for you?
  • How to create you very own sourdough starter in a simple step by step guide.
  • Troubleshooting your sourdough starter plus frequently asked questions.
  • How to know when your starter is ready to bake with.
  • A complete start to finish sourdough recipe with everything covered from equipment, ingredients, timing and all the tips to get you baking straight away. Print it out as many times as you like so you can write notes & changes whenever you like!
  • How to tell when your bulk ferment is finished and your dough is ready to shape.
  • My Top 20 tips for baking the best sourdough ever.
  • A handy baking checklist to ensure your bake goes smoothly and you don’t miss any of the steps.
  • How to store your sourdough starter to ensure you never lose it.
  • How to create a baking timeline that suits your life, no matter what your lifestyle.
  • A complete sourdough glossary with over 35 detailed definitions and graphics.

I know you’ll love this easy to digest format that allows you to have all the information at your fingertips when you want it – rather than sifting through pages of information on the net!