Creating a baking timeline around sourdough bread baking is one of the most useful skills you can develop as a home baker. This e-book will give you the knowledge and confidence to bake sourdough around any schedule – from working full time to caring for young children and everything in between.

Baking timelines for sourdough bread
A comprehensive guide to creating baking timelines for sourdough bread – no matter what your lifestyle or daily commitments.

Why You Need To Create a Baking Timeline for Sourdough Bread

There’s no denying sourdough can be a bit of a lengthy process, right? In fact one of the most frequently asked questions I get is “how can I short cut my sourdough bake” or “how can I bake sourdough around my full time job”.

I want to give you the tools to succeed at baking sourdough, no matter how busy your life is. I’ve written this book to help you navigate sourdough baking no matter what life throws at you. And you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your bread for flexibility of timing.

This book is for you if you have some knowledge of the sourdough making process and have already got your sourdough starter made – but you’re struggling to fit the baking process into your life – because let’s face it, sourdough requires more patience than our busy lives allow sometimes.

This book will allow you to manipulate the sourdough process to suit your timeline – no laziness, no sub quality bread – ever.

What’s Included in Scheduling Sourdough?

This easy to read book has all the info you need in one place! You’ll find:

Baking timelines for sourdough bread
  • Importance of time and temperature in sourdough baking
  • Using your fridge to your advantage
  • Why the amount of starter matters
  • Hydration in sourdough bread
  • Using temperature to tweak your timeline
  • Quick tips to fit sourdough into your busy life
  • Creating a baking timeline
  • Basic sourdough recipe steps
  • 10 comprehensive baking timelines
  • Basic sourdough recipe
  • 5 ways to strengthen your starter for better sourdough

I know you’ll love this easy to digest format that allows you to have all the information at your fingertips when you want it – rather than sifting through pages of information on the net!

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