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How To Slice Sourdough Bread Perfectly

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You’ve baked a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread and the time has come to cut into it – but your slices are wonky and uneven.

Want to know how to slice sourdough bread perfectly every single time?

Slicing bread, and in particular sourdough bread, can be a bit tricky, especially if your loaf is very crusty.

But I’ve put together a few pointers to get your sourdough slices looking pretty as a picture.

Allow Sourdough To Cool Properly BEFORE you cut into it

One of the hardest things about baking sourdough, or any crusty bread, is waiting enough time for the bread to cool properly before you slice it.

My rule of thumb is always wait 90 minutes before you slice it.

However, this really isn’t enough time for most loaves of sourdough – and in fact – is one of the reasons that sourdough bread is often hard to slice.

How to slice sourdough bread evenly
Sourdough bread takes much longer to cool than other types of bread because it has a higher moisture content.

Sourdough takes a lot longer to cool down than other bread and even longer if it’s made from wholegrains.

Did you know that if you make your sourdough with rye flour (even if it’s only half rye) it will take up to 24 hours to cool down fully? That’s because rye flour maintains moisture for a lot longer than other flours. Crazy right?

A “regular” sourdough made from white flour could take as long as 8 hours to fully cool down and come to room temperature.

Room Temperature Sourdough Is Easier To Cut

The reason you need to wait for sourdough bread to completely cool before you cut into it is that the bread continues to cook while it cools down.

When the bread is still cooling, there is water trapped inside that needs to move outwards towards the crust, enabling the bread to dry out. If you cut it too early, while it’s still warm, you’ll get a doughy, gummy texture because the bread is still “wet”.

This will also make it harder to cut because the bread inside will be sticky and it will stick to the knife.

There is a lot of steam and moisture trapped inside that lovely crusty and if you cut it too early, all of that steam and moisture escapes all at once, meaning your bread will actually dry out faster and get stale quicker.

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Use The Right Knife

In order to slice sourdough evenly, you need to choose the right knife for the job.

A bread knife has a long serrated blade that is designed to cut through hard crust, while keeping the fluffy bread inside intact.

It’s worth buying a good bread knife specifically for your sourdough to guarantee smooth, even slices.

You don’t have to spend a fortune – you can get a great knife for under $30!

A serrated bread knife with more widely spaced teeth will generally perform better. It needs to be at least 9, if not 10 inches in length minimum.

Correct Bread Slicing Technique Is Important

When slicing into your completely cooled sourdough bread, it’s important to adopt the correct technique.

The easiest way to explain the correct technique is to use the bread knife like a saw when cutting into your sourdough.

You need to let the knife do the work.

Don’t press into the bread because you will damage the crust and squish the lovely fluffy inside.

Pressing down on the bread will also result in raggedy, uneven slices. Use the knife like a saw, back and fourth all the way through until the base of the bread is cut.

The right knife, with a long serrated blade, really does make it easy.

Use A Bread Slicing Guide

If you really don’t think you can slice your sourdough bread free hand, you can buy a bread slicing guide.

They are pretty handy and you can use them for all types of bread. They are particularly handy if don’t have a steady hand.

Some of them even have crumb catchers underneath which is pretty cool!

Manual or Electric Bread Slicers

If you want the ultimate in even sourdough slices, then you may consider getting either a manual or electric slicer.

This Zassenhaus Bread Slicing Machine is the epitome of bread slicers and will not only have you looking like an absolute pro in your kitchen, it will also reward you with perfectly sliced sourdough.

It’s one to put on your Christmas list!

If you’d prefer something electric, this electric food slicer might cater more for your needs.

Patience Really Is The Key To Good Sourdough Bread

This information further proves that patience really is the key to good sourdough, right?

Next time you bake a loaf of sourdough, let it cool down to room temperature and leave it longer than you normally would and see if it makes a difference to slicing it.

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