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Mini Sourdough Boules: Making Sourdough Bread Bowls + Small Batches

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How to make mini sourdough boules from a regular batch of sourdough.

There’s something about anything miniature, right?

Wait until you see how gorgeous these mini sourdough are! Their smaller size presents many opportunities for using them (hello sourdough bread bowls) – and you can tailor your crust to suit your needs.

To make the mini sourdough boules, you’ll need a batch of my basic sourdough recipe – this will yield 6 mini sourdough boules of around 150g. You could make them larger or smaller if you wish.

Mini sourdough bread rolls boule
These cute little sourdough boules are perfect as individual dinner rolls or even a delicious twist on a BLT. You can alter the crust to suit your needs.

How To Make Mini Sourdough Boules

The basic process for making mini sourdough boules is as follows:

  • Make your dough as you normally would and take it through a bulk ferment.
  • Once you get to shaping, you need to gently divide the dough into 6 even pieces. You can weigh them if you wish, but just going by sight is perfectly fine too. I find a metal dough scraper is the easier way to divide the dough without upsetting it too much.
  • You’ll need to pre shape your dough and then leave them to rest for 30 minutes.
  • Shape each boule tightly, in the same way you would for a larger boule. It can be a little fiddly, but strangely satisfying (you’ll find shaping instructions here).
  • Place each mini boule into individual shaping containers (you might need to get creative).
  • Place them into a cold retard (as they are quite small, you don’t need to cold ferment them too long).
  • Score and bake.
How to divide and shape mini sourdough rolls
It’s important to make sure your dough is nicely fermented & risen to make sure you get gorgeous puffy little sourdough boules.

Mini Shaping Containers

In order to rest your mini boules and put them into a cold retard in the fridge, you’ll need to place them into small shaping containers.

If you can find some mini banneton, that’s great! But if you can’t, you could get creative and use things you already have.

When I made mine I used some plastic children’s bowls and when I couldn’t find those (toddlers!!) then I used 1 cup measuring cups.

I lined each one with a small square of cotton fabric rubbed with rice flour to stop them sticking. It worked perfectly!

Plastic children's bowls used as shaping containers for mini sourdough banneton.
Using plastic bowls that I already had made this project super easy!

Baking Mini Sourdough Boules & Bread Bowls

Baking your mini sourdough boules in a hot Dutch Oven will give them the best oven spring. I have a 3.1L Dutch Oven which I can comfortably bake 3 at a time in.

I bake for 20 minutes at 230C lid on and 10 minutes 200C lid off.

If you want them to be extra crunchy, you could increase the last 10 minute baking time/temperature. If you’re wanting to use them as bread rolls and fill them, you might want to take the temp down a bit or lengthen the lid on cooking time to soften the crust a little.

3 mini sourdough boules with intricate scoring ready to be baked in a Dutch Oven.
Have fun with your scoring! I scored these and then sprayed with water to ensure maximum puffiness when they hit the hot oven!

What Can You Use Mini Sourdough Boules For?

You can make the crusts on these mini sourdough crunchy, like a regular size boule.

My kids love these sliced into “mini slices” and buttered as a snack. There’s really just something about miniatures!

If you want to use them as sourdough rolls for burgers or sandwiches, you can just make the crust a little softer. Bake them with the lid on a little longer and don’t let the crust go too far. This will ensure you don’t break a tooth when biting into them.

Some other fun uses for your mini sourdough boules:

  • Hollow them out and fill with dip – you could have a few different types on a platter or just use them for individual serves.
  • Mini cob loaf dips (great when sharing just isn’t possible).
  • Score them all differently and use them as fancy dinner rolls at your next gathering.
  • Use them as fun little gifts for friends and family.
  • They make a stellar late night snack with butter and jam!

Want to get even more creative? You could make miniature flavored sourdough boules. Jalapeno Cheese anyone?

Want to know why you can’t bulk ferment in the fridge? You’ll find all the answers here.

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