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Gifting Your Sourdough – Inspiration for Gift Wrapping Sourdough And Artisan Bread

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If you enjoy gifting your sourdough loaves to friends & family, you may have thought about how to gift wrap your sourdough or artisan bread.

A loaf of sourdough, or any bread really, makes the loveliest of gifts. You can present a loaf of crusty sourdough or artisan bread to a friend hosting a dinner party or bbq, as a holiday gift or to a friend who’s been unwell. Sourdough really is the universal bread gift, right?

These delicious sourdough garlic bread bites are also an amazing way to gift the host of a dinner party or gathering.

how to gift wrap sourdough in different textures and decorative finishes

How To Gift Wrap Your Sourdough Using Paper

Paper is perfect to wrap your sourdough loaves in – it’s natural and gives a rustic effect. It also allows your sourdough bread to breathe.

You could tie your paper bread parcel with twine for a little extra flourish. Fresh herbs or flowers from your garden add a personalised touch too.

You can choose any type of paper you have on hand, but these options are best for keeping your bread fresh, while looking the best too.

  • Wax paper
  • Parchment or baking paper
  • Brown paper

Clear Bread Bags For Gifting Sourdough

If you don’t have time to wrap and tie, you’ll find many “done for you” options. We love these clear bread bags.

These bread bags work really well if you’ve scored a design into your sourdough. You could add a gift tag or a simple ribbon, or just leave as they are.

Cloth Wrapping Ideas for Sourdough

It’s easy to wrap sourdough or bread into a clean tea towel or linen bread bag. These can form part of the gift – perfect at Christmas time or even for end of school year teacher gifts.

I often pick up packs of pretty tea towels and pop them away to use as an easy, last minute bread gift.

how to gift wrap sourdough in beautiful linen tea towels
Beautiful linen tea towels make lovely gift wrapping for bread and sourdough.

These cloth and linen bread bags are a lovely idea too!

Creating Bread Baskets

Imagine receiving a basket like this – with a fresh loaf of sourdough bread, cheese, butter, jam … even a plant (just because it’s easy to propagate some cool plant gifts too).

Honestly, this basket was next to nothing to put together and looks absolutely amazing! A basket of mini sourdough boules would be lovely too!

Gift basket with sourdough bread
The contents of this basket cost less than $20 to put together and create a wonderful gift that anyone would be grateful to receive.

Mini sourdough boules make the most gorgeous gifts! Find out how to make them here.

Have you tried The Pantry Mama’s recipe for baking simple sourdough bread? You’ll find it here.

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