Best Toasters for Sourdough Bread
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Best Toasters For Sourdough Bread

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If you bake (and eat) a lot of sourdough bread, you may have wondered which toaster is best for sourdough bread? A toaster that has slots large enough to accomodate those wider boule slices, but one that doesn’t burn up all your hard work. Here you’ll find the best toasters for sourdough bread.

Best Toasters for Sourdough Bread

As a sourdough baker, the right toaster can be your best friend. If you’ve baked a loaf which isn’t quite right, maybe it’s a little under fermented, maybe not quite cooked enough – whacking a slice in the toaster can help bring it up to scratch.

Equally, if you’ve baked the most perfect loaf, the right toaster will keep your sourdough moist and maintain that delicious crust, without turning your sourdough into a jawbreaker. You want the most beautifully toasted outside with the sourdough still light and airy inside.

Here are 5 of the best toasters for sourdough bread.

Breville Die-Cast Smart Toaster 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster

This 4 slice Breville toaster features extra long slots to accomodate larger sourdough and artisan breads – you don’t have to worry about turning the bread the other way half way through toasting!

It also has a handy “bit more” function, which is perfect for sourdough bread. Sometimes you just want a little more, right? You can also check on your toast without interrupting the toasting process with Breville’s “lift and look function”. Clever!

You’ll also love that the outside stays cool to the touch, even when the toaster is on! Great if you’ve got kids.

Features you’ll love:

  • Extra long slots to accomodate sourdough and artisan bread
  • Bit more function for that little bit of extra toasting without burning
  • Lift & Look to check your toast without restarting toasting
  • Cool touch technology
  • Sleek, modern stainless steel finish

Sacvon Retro Long Slot Toaster

This retro styled toaster features two longer and wider slots to accomodate artisan and sourdough bread. It enables you to choose a toasting program to suit the type of bread you’re toasting (6 to choose from) and a large timer display so you can see exactly how long you have to wait until you get to bite into your deliciously toasted sourdough.

Another handy feature is the lifting function, allowing you to lift the bread higher so you don’t have to burn your fingers to retrieve your breakfast! There’s nothing worse than when the crust of your sourdough gets caught and you have to reach in and retrieve it. This doesn’t happen with the Sacvon toaster.

Features You’ll Love:

  • Extra long slots to accomodate sourdough and artisan bread
  • Large timer display so you can see how long your toast will be
  • High lift function
  • Bagel function
  • Round, retro styling.

Lofter Long Slice Toaster

This stylish Lofter toaster features 2 long, wide slots to accomodate your sourdough or artisan breads. With 7 toasting programs and an LED timer display, this toaster will make breakfast a treat every single day. This toaster also has an in built bagel function.

Features You’ll Love:

  • 2 long, wide slots to accomodate sourdough
  • 7 toasting programs & reheat function
  • High lift function
  • LED timer display
  • Rounded, retro styling in a stainless steel finish

What About A Toaster Oven For Sourdough Bread?

Toaster ovens can be a great alternative to a traditional toaster for sourdough bread. They also provide the option to make grilled cheese and sourdough with creative melted toppings too! Toaster ovens give you the ability to do much more than just toast sourdough bread, so you’ll have a multipurpose appliance that provides great value in your kitchen.

Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven and Long Slot Toaster

This counter top oven and long slot toaster combination will save you space and time by combining two handy appliances. You can use the long slot toaster as a separate function – or you can choose to use the oven underneath to provide you with perfectly cooked sourdough toast.

Coming in at under $60, this combination toaster oven is well worth a look for your sourdough toasting requirements.

Features You’ll Love:

  • 2-in-1 combination oven and toaster
  • Toasts 40% faster and more evenly than the leading competitor
  • Extra-wide toast slot fits sourdough & bagels
  • Separate toast shade selector
  • Fits a 9” pizza (hello sourdough pizza!)

Breville Mini Smart Counter Top Oven

This mini counter top oven will surprise you with the space inside. It can easily fit up to 4 slices of sourdough bread or even an 11″ pizza. It has intelligent Smart Element IQ that transfers heat across 4 quartz elements for precise and stable heat, where and when you want it.

Features You’ll Love:

  • 8 cooking functions including toast and bagel
  • Back lit, easy to read LED displays time and temperature
  • Capacity to fit up to 4 slices of bread
  • Non stick, easy clean walls
  • Sleek & compact counter top design

Looking for an easy sourdough recipe that you can fit around your life? Check out my Beginner’s Guide to Sourdough Bread here.

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  1. The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer model has a proofing setting. It also dehydrates, good for drying starter or herbs for inclusions.

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