Shaping a sourdough batard
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Shaping A Sourdough Batard – The Easiest Technique Ever!

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Once you’ve mastered a simple sourdough boule, a sourdough batard is a nice shape to master. Batards can be easier to slice and a more manageable size for sandwiches. Shaping a sourdough batard is quite easy as long as your dough has been properly fermented and is ready for shaping.

I’ve put together a simple shaping video for a sourdough batard below. The dough in the video uses my simple sourdough recipe exactly.

Shaping a sourdough batard and cooking in an oval Dutch Oven will give you fantastic results.
A gorgeous crusty batard fresh out of the oven.

What Equipment Do I Need For Shaping & Baking A Sourdough Batard?

If you choose to bake a sourdough batard, you’ll need an oval shaped banneton and an oval shaped Dutch Oven. You need to make sure that your banneton fits inside your Dutch Oven with about 1 inch around the edges. If your banneton does not fit inside your Dutch Oven, then your shaped dough will not fit. You can read more about Dutch Ovens for sourdough here.

Will I De-Gas My Dough If I Over Handle the Dough

One of the most common questions I get asked about shaping a sourdough batard is whether the dough will “degas” when you shape it. Shaping a sourdough batard requires you to handle the dough a little more than a traditional boule, however, as long as you are gentle with it, you should retain the bubbles. If you feel that your dough is a little dense once it’s shaped, it’s a good idea to leave it on the counter top in the banneton just to rise a little before you place it in the fridge for it’s cold ferment.

Shaping a sourdough batard.
Allowing your dough to relax in the banneton before placing it in the fridge can help with the finished shape of your batard.

Just remember that when you place the dough in the fridge, it will keep fermenting until the dough gets down to a colder temperature. You can read more about this here.

How To Shape A Sourdough Batard Video

Some Recipe Ideas For Sourdough Batard

While most recipes can be shaped in any way you like, there are certain types of sourdough that lend themselves to a batard. My favorites are:

Find out why you cannot bulk ferment in the fridge. The answer to this commonly asked question is here.

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