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Best Sourdough Cracker Recipes: Use Up Sourdough Discard

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Looking for the best sourdough cracker recipes on the internet? Look no further.

Here, you’ll find a range of delicious sourdough cracker recipes to satisfy even the fussiest of cracker eaters.

I’ve tried to create a list of the best sourdough cracker recipes with some variety – so there’s different flavors, textures and flours included.

Sourdough crackers are a fantastic way to use up a lot of sourdough discard in one recipe.

A lot of cracker recipes use 200g of starter or more – which is great for ensuring your starter discard doesn’t go to waste.

Dress up your next charcuterie plate with sourdough lavosh and sourdough grissini.

Best Sourdough Cracker Recipe Tips

When making sourdough crackers, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get the best possible crackers.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the tastiest sourdough crackers ever!

  • Don’t use discard that is too old, particularly if the recipe you use includes a large amount. You don’t want crackers that are too sour and old discard can taste really bad!
  • You don’t have to use discard to make crackers. You can just feed your starter for the purpose of making crackers. Using an active, bubbly starter is totally fine. See how many crackers you can make now!
  • For super crispy crackers, roll the dough super thin. It can help to place the dough between two pieces of parchment paper. A pasta maker can help to get the dough super thin if you have one.
Rolling your cracker dough super thin is a game changer!
  • If your cracker dough is sticky when you first mix it, just add a little extra flour to help create a more dough like consistency. You want to be able to touch the dough without it sticking to your fingers.
  • If your dough is sticking to the rolling pin – but you don’t want to add more flour (you don’t want to make the dough too dry) – place the dough between two sheets of parchment paper and roll. It will ensure that the dough does not stick at all – and your rolling pin will stay clean.
  • If the cracker dough contains a lot of butter, it can help to place the dough in the fridge after rolling just to firm up before cutting. This is especially important if you are baking in a warm environment.
  • Get a cracker roller to make cutting super easy! A good cracker roller will cut a few trays of crackers in seconds with no fuss. You’ll find a great cracker roller here.

  • Low and slow is the best way to bake sourdough crackers. You don’t want to burn them. While a baking temperature is always given in the recipe – you will need to make adjustments for your oven. Move the trays around until you find the best level where they don’t burn too quickly.

Keeping Sourdough Crackers Fresh

It’s best to store sourdough crackers in glass or tin. Storing them in plastic can cause them to go soft a lot sooner.

Remember sourdough crackers do not contain preservatives like the crackers you buy at the store – so they won’t have a long shelf life.

Sourdough crackers look lovely stored in recycled glass jars. They make lovely gifts too (guess what the neighbors are getting this Christmas?!).

Storing sourdough crackers in glass jars makes wonderful gifts
These parmesan + rosemary sourdough crackers look lovely stored in glass jars.

Crackers like grissini and lavosh can be stored for a quite a few weeks without losing their freshness – as long as they are in an air tight glass jar or tin.

If you have some crackers that have gone a little stale you can refresh them. Place them on a parchment lined baking tray. Lightly spray with water and place into a hot oven for just a few minutes to crisp up.

Here’s The List of Best Sourdough Cracker Recipes:

Jalapeño Cheese Sourdough Crackers

These spicy sourdough crackers are not for the feint hearted. They combine the ever popular combination of jalapeño and cheddar cheese to create a match made in heaven. Delicious served with your favorite salsa or avocado dip!

Sourdough Discard Crackers with Jalapeño Cheddar
These simple sourdough crackers use a lot of discard – and taste amazing! They are the perfect accompaniment to a cheese platter or a quick snack on the go.
Check out this recipe
Sourdough Crackers Recipe with Jalapeno Cheddar

Sourdough Lavosh

Lavosh is a crisp, unleavened flat bread – the perfect way to use up sourdough discard. These sourdough lavosh are made with whole wheat flour and topped with black and white sesame seeds. Their rustic appearance make them super simple to recreate and they’re the versatile cracker that make everything taste better.

Sourdough lavosh crackers
Sourdough Lavosh Crackers
Sourdough Lavosh Crackers made with whole wheat flour and honey. They're perfect on a charcuterie board or just as an honest to goodness snack.
Check out this recipe
Sourdough Lavosh

Sourdough Crackers with Rosemary + Parmesan Cheese

A classic flavor combination of fresh rosemary and aged parmesan give these crackers a place on any good cheese platter. You can serve these for any occasion with compliments guaranteed. They not only earn their place as a family favorite cracker – they also make a delicious gift for friends and neighbors.

Sourdough crackers with parmesan + rosemary
Sourdough Discard Crackers with Rosemary + Parmesan Cheese
These simple sourdough crackers use a lot of discard – and taste amazing! They are the perfect accompaniment to a cheese platter or a quick snack on the go.
Check out this recipe
Sourdough Discard Crackers Recipe

Cinnamon Sugar Sourdough Crackers

A sweet twist on a usually savory flavor. These sourdough crackers are sweetened with classic cinnamon sugar. You can dip them in chocolate or leave them plain. They make the perfect wafer in vanilla ice cream or a sweet treat served with a cup of tea.

Sweet Sourdough Crackers with Cinnamon Sugar
Sweet Sourdough Crackers with Cinnamon Sugar are a unique way to use your discard – delicious with a cup of tea or even better served with vanilla ice cream!
Check out this recipe

Sourdough Grissini

Traditional sourdough bread sticks are a pantry staple. You can use them for so many things! Add them to a charcuterie platter, dip them in nutella or salted caramel, wrap them in pepperoni … the list is really endless!

Whole wheat sourdough grissini
Sourdough Grissini (Bread Sticks)
Sourdough Grissini are so simple to make but oh so tasty! They are perfect to accompany your favorite dip or as an elegant addition to your next charcuterie plate.
Check out this recipe
Sourdough Grissini

Seedy Sourdough Crackers

Crammed with seedy goodness, these seedy sourdough crackers are a great way to get more seeds and nuts into your diet. You can choose the seeds to include – some favorites are sesame, flax seeds, hemp seeds and pepitas. But the list really is endless.

Seeded Sourdough Discard Crackers
Seedy sourdough crackers jam packed full of all the good stuff! You can create a custom cracker by personalising the seeds you choose to include.
Check out this recipe
Seeded Sourdough Discard Crackers

Cranberry & Pistachio Sourdough Lavosh Crackers

These sourdough lavosh crackers remind me of Christmas with their red and green studded crunch! Flavored with cardamon and cinnamon they truly are delicious. You can make them sweet or more savory by using sugar and salt. Give them a try for your next dinner party!

Cranberry + Pistachio Sourdough Lavosh Crackers
Cranberry + Pistachio Sourdough Lavosh Crackers can be made more sweet or savory depending on what you're serving them with. The make a gorgeous gift for friends and family too.
Check out this recipe

I’d love to know your favorite flavor sourdough cracker! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

The best sourdough cracker recipes on the internet.

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